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What is gentle parenting?

We've discovered that more and more parents are embracing gentle parenting. That means raising happy, confident and independent children by responding to them as individuals first and foremost.

It's about being compassionate, respectful and inquisitive while taking care of yourself as well. Why does your child react in a certain way? What's important to them? What do they really need? It's a very different approach to 30 years ago, when rules were rigid and everyone was expected to stick to them.

So have we grown softer? No, we've evolved. Everyone likes to be seen, heard and respected – and that applies to babies and children, just as much as adults. Someone who feels listened to and understood is already more open to take advice and make positive changes.

We've collected tried-and-tested positive parenting tips and training courses on all the important parenting topics in one easy-to-navigate app. So you'll spend less time searching for solutions and more time learning, sharing and strengthening the relationship with your child.

Parenting can be hard. But there are ways to make it easier.

Parenting experts in your pocket

Our carefully curated courses and advice will help you face any parenting challenge – from building healthy habits to dealing with stress or shyness

Simple strategies for busy parents

We understand. You're busy. That's why our proven strategies are short, simple and easy to find – whatever you're doing and wherever you are

Expert advice you can trust

We've gathered science-backed tips, tricks and courses from verified experts who share our passion for gentle parenting methods

“Thanks to the gentle parenting methods I discovered on the Howtogrow app, I see a real difference in my children and my relationship with them”

Eva, mother of 4

"With the Everge app, I have all the parenting advice I need in one place. The tips are practical and easy to understand”

William, father of 2

"The Howtotalk communication course on Everge has helped me reset and restore the calm in our home"

Julia, mother of 2

Grow as a parent with the Howtogrow app

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