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Parenting and communication expert Heleen de Hertog is the founder of Howtotalk. Using the Howtotalk method, she teaches you how to deal with every imaginable parenting challenge – gently and positively, without arguments or punishments.

You'll discover how to raise your child with respect, and feel confident in your own abilities. In so doing, you'll build an even stronger parent-child bond. Your child will become more independent and develop a positive self-image. Last but not least, the atmosphere at home will be much happier and more relaxed.

With Howtotalk, you will learn how to:

  • Respond helpfully and empathetically when your child displays extreme emotions
  • Encourage your child to cooperate in a positive way
  • Set boundaries and enable your child to take responsibility for their own behaviour and come up with their own solutions
  • Foster your child's independence
  • Encourage self-praise instead of overloading your child with compliments
  • Help your child see themselves in a different, more positive light

'I am passionate about this method,' says Heleen. 'With these tools, you'll develop a bond based on trust and respect that will benefit both you and your child for a lifetime.'

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